2nd Period Play-by-Play

  IU South Bend vs. Akron Wayne
  Date: 12/21/17 • Site: Orrville, Ohio

2nd Period Play-by-Play
19:44UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 41 - UAW 30(Iusbmbb by 11)
  ASSIST by Pace, Tyrice
19:19IusbmbbTURNOVR by Allen, Dylan
19:17UAWSTEAL by Richburg, Kylan
19:10UAWMISSED JUMPER by Infield, Chase
  REBOUND (DEF) by Bullinger, Matt
18:54IusbmbbTURNOVR by Harmon, Alex
18:44UAWMISSED JUMPER by Smith, DeQuan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Smith, Norell
18:28IusbmbbMISSED LAYUP by Allen, Dylan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Powell, Deirre
18:04UAWMISSED JUMPER by Richburg, Kylan
  REBOUND (OFF) by Powell, Deirre
18:03IusbmbbFOUL by Edwards, Jackson (T1P1)
17:53UAWMISSED LAYUP by Richburg, Kylan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harmon, Alex
17:49IusbmbbTURNOVR by Harmon, Alex
17:48UAWSTEAL by Powell, Deirre
17:47UAWMISSED JUMPER by Powell, Deirre
  REBOUND (DEF) by Edwards, Jackson
17:39IusbmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Edwards, Jackson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Richburg, Kylan
17:37IusbmbbFOUL by Smith, Norell (T2P1)
17:17UAWMISSED JUMPER by Smith, DeQuan
17:17IusbmbbBLOCK by Bullinger, Matt
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harmon, Alex
17:06IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Harmon, AlexIusbmbb 43 - UAW 30(Iusbmbb by 13)
  ASSIST by Allen, Dylan
16:56UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Infield, ChaseIusbmbb 43 - UAW 32(Iusbmbb by 11)
16:49IusbmbbGOOD! 3 PTR by Edwards, JacksonIusbmbb 46 - UAW 32(Iusbmbb by 14)
  ASSIST by Allen, Dylan
16:34UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Pace, TyriceIusbmbb 46 - UAW 34(Iusbmbb by 12)
16:20IusbmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Allen, Dylan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Richburg, Kylan
16:04UAWMISSED 3 PTR by Powell, Deirre
  REBOUND (OFF) by Salter, Javere
15:58UAWMISSED 3 PTR by Pace, Tyrice
  REBOUND (DEF) by Smith, Norell
15:50IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Smith, Norell (fastbreak)Iusbmbb 48 - UAW 34(Iusbmbb by 14)
15:50UAWFOUL by Pace, Tyrice (T1P2)
15:50IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Smith, NorellIusbmbb 49 - UAW 34(Iusbmbb by 15)
15:32UAWMISSED JUMPER by Dancy, Cameron
  REBOUND (OFF) by Powell, Deirre
15:29UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 49 - UAW 36(Iusbmbb by 13)
15:04IusbmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Smith, Norell
  REBOUND (DEF) by Dancy, Cameron
14:53UAWMISSED 3 PTR by Richburg, Kylan
14:53IusbmbbBLOCK by Smith, Norell
  REBOUND (OFF) by Dancy, Cameron
14:49IusbmbbFOUL by Bullinger, Matt (T3P2)
14:49UAWMISSED FT SHOT by Dancy, Cameron
14:49UAWGOOD! FT SHOT by Dancy, CameronIusbmbb 49 - UAW 37(Iusbmbb by 12)
14:29IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Harmon, AlexIusbmbb 51 - UAW 37(Iusbmbb by 14)
  ASSIST by Bullinger, Matt
14:20UAWMISSED JUMPER by Powell, Deirre
  REBOUND (DEF) by Smith, Norell
14:10IusbmbbGOOD! 3 PTR by Bullinger, MattIusbmbb 54 - UAW 37(Iusbmbb by 17)
  ASSIST by Allen, Dylan
13:55IusbmbbFOUL by Bullinger, Matt (T4P3)
13:55UAWMISSED FT SHOT by Dancy, Cameron
13:55UAWGOOD! FT SHOT by Dancy, CameronIusbmbb 54 - UAW 38(Iusbmbb by 16)
13:30UAWFOUL by Salter, Javere (T2P1)
13:30IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Edwards, JacksonIusbmbb 55 - UAW 38(Iusbmbb by 17)
13:30IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Edwards, JacksonIusbmbb 56 - UAW 38(Iusbmbb by 18)
13:20UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Salter, Javere (in the paint)Iusbmbb 56 - UAW 40(Iusbmbb by 16)
12:58UAWFOUL by Richburg, Kylan (T3P3)
12:54IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Edwards, JacksonIusbmbb 58 - UAW 40(Iusbmbb by 18)
  ASSIST by Bullinger, Matt
12:40UAWTURNOVR by Salter, Javere
12:33IusbmbbTURNOVR by Harmon, Alex
12:31UAWSTEAL by Richburg, Kylan
12:30UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Richburg, Kylan (fastbreak)Iusbmbb 58 - UAW 42(Iusbmbb by 16)
12:17IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Harmon, AlexIusbmbb 60 - UAW 42(Iusbmbb by 18)
  ASSIST by Allen, Dylan
12:17IusbmbbTIMEOUT TEAM
12:07UAWTURNOVR by Dancy, Cameron
11:55IusbmbbFOUL by Brooks, Taylor (T5P1)
11:55IusbmbbTURNOVR by Brooks, Taylor
11:48UAWTURNOVR by Pace, Tyrice
11:47IusbmbbSTEAL by Jones, Jeremy
11:38IusbmbbMISSED LAYUP by Jones, Jeremy
  REBOUND (OFF) by Jain, Trevor
11:34IusbmbbMISSED JUMPER by Jain, Trevor
  REBOUND (DEF) by Richburg, Kylan
11:19UAWTURNOVR by Pace, Tyrice
11:18IusbmbbSTEAL by Benner, T.J.
11:13IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Brooks, Taylor (fastbreak)Iusbmbb 62 - UAW 42(Iusbmbb by 20)
  ASSIST by Jain, Trevor
11:13UAWFOUL by Walker, Jaidan (T4P2)
11:13IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Brooks, TaylorIusbmbb 63 - UAW 42(Iusbmbb by 21)
11:00UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Richburg, KylanIusbmbb 63 - UAW 44(Iusbmbb by 19)
10:41IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Brooks, TaylorIusbmbb 65 - UAW 44(Iusbmbb by 21)
  ASSIST by Jones, Jeremy
10:31UAWGOOD! 3 PTR by Richburg, KylanIusbmbb 65 - UAW 47(Iusbmbb by 18)
  ASSIST by Pace, Tyrice
10:13IusbmbbTURNOVR by Brooks, Taylor
10:06UAWMISSED LAYUP by Pace, Tyrice
  REBOUND (DEF) by Benner, T.J.
09:53UAWFOUL by Pace, Tyrice (T5P3)
09:53IusbmbbMISSED FT SHOT by Jackson, Rashaan
09:53IusbmbbMISSED FT SHOT by Jackson, Rashaan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Powell, Deirre
09:40UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Pace, TyriceIusbmbb 65 - UAW 49(Iusbmbb by 16)
09:15IusbmbbMISSED LAYUP by Jackson, Rashaan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Powell, Deirre
08:56UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Salter, JavereIusbmbb 65 - UAW 51(Iusbmbb by 14)
08:39UAWFOUL by Powell, Deirre (T6P2)
08:39IusbmbbMISSED FT SHOT by Benner, T.J.
08:39IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Benner, T.J.Iusbmbb 66 - UAW 51(Iusbmbb by 15)
08:28UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Richburg, KylanIusbmbb 66 - UAW 53(Iusbmbb by 13)
08:17IusbmbbGOOD! JUMPER by Brooks, Taylor (in the paint)Iusbmbb 68 - UAW 53(Iusbmbb by 15)
  ASSIST by Jackson, Rashaan
08:07UAWMISSED JUMPER by Pace, Tyrice
  REBOUND (OFF) by Powell, Deirre
08:06UAWGOOD! TIP-IN by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 68 - UAW 55(Iusbmbb by 13)
08:06IusbmbbTIMEOUT TEAM
07:47IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Jackson, RashaanIusbmbb 70 - UAW 55(Iusbmbb by 15)
  ASSIST by Brooks, Taylor
07:28UAWMISSED JUMPER by Salter, Javere
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jackson, Rashaan
07:13IusbmbbMISSED JUMPER by Brooks, Taylor
  REBOUND (OFF) by Jain, Trevor
07:10IusbmbbMISSED DUNK by Jain, Trevor
  REBOUND (OFF) by Jackson, Rashaan
07:06IusbmbbTURNOVR by Jackson, Rashaan
07:05UAWSTEAL by Pace, Tyrice
07:00UAWMISSED LAYUP by Richburg, Kylan
07:00IusbmbbBLOCK by Brooks, Taylor
06:57UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Infield, Chase (in the paint)Iusbmbb 70 - UAW 57(Iusbmbb by 13)
06:35IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Brooks, TaylorIusbmbb 72 - UAW 57(Iusbmbb by 15)
  ASSIST by Benner, T.J.
06:19UAWMISSED JUMPER by Infield, Chase
  REBOUND (DEF) by Benner, T.J.
06:01IusbmbbGOOD! 3 PTR by Jones, JeremyIusbmbb 75 - UAW 57(Iusbmbb by 18)
  ASSIST by Benner, T.J.
05:46UAWMISSED JUMPER by Pace, Tyrice
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brooks, Taylor
05:40IusbmbbTURNOVR by Brooks, Taylor
05:37UAWSTEAL by Powell, Deirre
05:34UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 75 - UAW 59(Iusbmbb by 16)
05:10IusbmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Jones, Jeremy
  REBOUND (OFF) by Jackson, Rashaan
05:05IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Jackson, RashaanIusbmbb 77 - UAW 59(Iusbmbb by 18)
05:05UAWFOUL by Dancy, Cameron (T7P4)
05:05UAWFOUL TECHNCL by Dancy, Cameron (T8P5)
05:05UAWFOUL by Dancy, Cameron (T9P6)
05:05IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Benner, T.J.Iusbmbb 78 - UAW 59(Iusbmbb by 19)
05:05IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Benner, T.J.Iusbmbb 79 - UAW 59(Iusbmbb by 20)
05:05IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Jackson, RashaanIusbmbb 80 - UAW 59(Iusbmbb by 21)
04:51UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Infield, ChaseIusbmbb 80 - UAW 61(Iusbmbb by 19)
04:42IusbmbbMISSED LAYUP by Jones, Jeremy
04:40IusbmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Jones, Jeremy
  REBOUND (DEF) by Pace, Tyrice
04:29UAWMISSED 3 PTR by Infield, Chase
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jones, Jeremy
04:04UAWFOUL by Infield, Chase (T10P2)
04:04IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Brooks, TaylorIusbmbb 81 - UAW 61(Iusbmbb by 20)
04:04IusbmbbGOOD! FT SHOT by Brooks, TaylorIusbmbb 82 - UAW 61(Iusbmbb by 21)
03:51UAWMISSED JUMPER by Smith, DeQuan
03:51IusbmbbBLOCK by Brooks, Taylor
  REBOUND (OFF) by Infield, Chase
03:40UAWGOOD! LAYUP by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 82 - UAW 63(Iusbmbb by 19)
  ASSIST by Smith, DeQuan
03:13IusbmbbMISSED LAYUP by Benner, T.J.
  REBOUND (DEF) by Powell, Deirre
02:56UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Smith, DeQuanIusbmbb 82 - UAW 65(Iusbmbb by 17)
  ASSIST by Pace, Tyrice
02:42IusbmbbMISSED 3 PTR by Smith, Norell
02:18UAWMISSED JUMPER by Pace, Tyrice
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jones, Jeremy
02:06IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Smith, NorellIusbmbb 84 - UAW 65(Iusbmbb by 19)
  ASSIST by Bullinger, Matt
01:43UAWTURNOVR by Infield, Chase
01:42IusbmbbSTEAL by Edwards, Jackson
01:39IusbmbbMISSED LAYUP by Edwards, Jackson
  REBOUND (DEF) by Pace, Tyrice
01:30IusbmbbFOUL by Bullinger, Matt (T6P4)
01:26UAWTURNOVR by Walker, Jaidan
01:12IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Allen, DylanIusbmbb 86 - UAW 65(Iusbmbb by 21)
  ASSIST by Harmon, Alex
00:53UAWMISSED LAYUP by Salter, Javere
  REBOUND (OFF) by Powell, Deirre
00:53IusbmbbFOUL by Smith, Norell (T7P2)
00:53UAWGOOD! FT SHOT by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 86 - UAW 66(Iusbmbb by 20)
00:53UAWMISSED FT SHOT by Powell, Deirre
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harmon, Alex
00:40IusbmbbGOOD! LAYUP by Harmon, AlexIusbmbb 88 - UAW 66(Iusbmbb by 22)
00:34UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Powell, DeirreIusbmbb 88 - UAW 68(Iusbmbb by 20)
00:20IusbmbbTURNOVR by Bullinger, Matt
00:20UAWSTEAL by Powell, Deirre
00:08UAWGOOD! JUMPER by Salter, JavereIusbmbb 88 - UAW 70(Iusbmbb by 18)